Handled documents
  • Internal control report
  • Company regulation, compliance
  • Briefs, judicial decision, subpoenas, written response, other litigation related documents
  • Software license agreement, non-disclosure agreement, lease contract, employment contract
  • Company’s articles of incorporation, all sorts of internal regulations, company registration certificate
  • Various certificates: marriage, divorce, certificate of earnings
  • Notarized documents, contracts, signed note of assurance, expert’s written opinion
  • Various contracts: sales contracts, dealer contracts, agency agreements, technical cooperation agreements, confidentiality agreements.

Banking-Finance (Securities and investments, forex…)

Handled documents
  • Financial Manual
  • Annual securities report
  • Insurance policy
  • Annual reports
  • Analyst reports
  • Financial reports
  • Financial statements
  • Company analysis reports
  • Investment Reports

IT-Telecom (Computer and software manuals…)

Handled documents
  • Communication brochure
  • Communication equipment manual
  • System installation manual
  • System manual
  • System tool specification documents
  • Web site

Robotics and automation (Plants systems, machinery…)

Handled documents
  • Product catalog
  • Instruction manual (user manual · operation manual)
  • Manufacturing specification
  • Design specification
  • Drawing
  • Circuit diagram
  • Norms and standards
  • Technical proposal document

Scientific papers (research articles and theses…)

Handled documents
  • Graduation thesis
  • Research paper
  • Technical manuscript
  • academic paper
  • Technical paper

Automotive (Audio Video Navigation Systems…)

Handled documents
  • Manufacturing (consumer goods): automobiles, bicycles, motorcycles, consumer electronics, digital cameras, printers, game consoles, audio equipment, musical instruments, watches, precision instruments
  • Manufacturing (production goods): automobile parts, machine tools, electrical equipment, electric wires / cables, construction and agricultural machinery, electronic parts, semiconductors, shipbuilding, heavy equipment, inspection equipment, various materials, sensors, electric materials

Energy (Oil and natural Gas,…)

Handled documents
  • Environmental reports
  • Company profile
  • Resources and raw materials: steel, nonferrous metals, petroleum, chemistry, lithium ion battery materials
  • Energy: natural energy (solar power generation, wind power generation, geothermal power generation, hydro power generation, biomass power generation), thermal power generation, nuclear power generation, petroleum, natural gas, shale gas, smart grid, next generation battery
  • Environment: climate change, global warming, emissions trading, recycling (food/construction/container packaging), environmental pollution problems(soil contamination / water pollution, waste), water resources, marine resources, biodiversity, environmental monitoring, environmental assessment

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Other fields handled
Major French companies, major securities companies, banks, think tanks, law firms, accounting firms, architectural design offices, major trading companies, engineering companies, housing makers, major international organizations, government agencies, local governments, Semiconductor and electronic equipment companies, research institutes, cosmetics companies, apparel makers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, museums, various industry groups, French chamber of commerce.

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