Fees of translation and proofreading services

The fee may vary according to the contents of the document. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • The following is the translation fee for “Japanese, English and French”. For detailed fees of other language pairs and other notes, please consult the detailed price list.
  • For proofreading assignments, the fee is approximately 40% of the translation fee for that language pair based on the word count of the target text.
  • Minimum charge: 50 euros
  • If you want to cancel the translation service after a formal order, a cancellation fee of 30% OR depending on the achieved progress on the being translated document (if the latter is greater than 30%) will be charged.

Fees of consecutive interpreting on the phone

We will provide consecutive interpreting on the phone by professional native speakers. We will respond to requests concerning the arrangement of consecutive interpreters at business negotiations.

We currently cover the following five language pairs:

  • Italian French
  • Italian English
  • Japanese English
  • Japanese French
  • English French

When you contact us, please first let us know the following information.

  • Language pair
  • Date and time
  • The purpose
  • Contents
  • Related Documents
  • Budget

We will arrange for a meeting after consulting with the appropriate interpreter.

  • Basic charge: 25 euros
  • Working fee: EUR 25 per 10 minutes
  • Phone fees will be charged separately from actual expenses. We recommend using the free software Skype.
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