Presentation of CDVTA Cameroon

Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance is a legally registered advocacy rights based community development Charity in Cameroon.

CDVTA aims to challenge unjust policies affecting the lives of older persons, women, disabled; minority marginalized indigenous people and children. CDVTA strengthens their capacities to enable them, realize their rights, live in dignity and improve their livelihoods. CDVTA holistic approach seeks to use a rights-based approach to both address the self-identified needs of marginalized people and create lasting changes at structural level.

Their mission is to help the poorest. In this respect they work to create integrated communities. They work with communities and groups that share a vision of a society where the oppressed are able to exercise their rights and gain access to freedom.

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Presentation of the organization

The African Youth Alliance Group was founded by 4 women from rural communities of North West Cameroon. Angry with the discrimination women face in their villages to have access to education and economic opportunities and frustrated by the scarcity of structures addressing the issues related to women, especially those in rural remote communities,they decided to found a community-based organization that would empower them directly. Girls and women in our communities are faced to problems of dropping out of school, early marriages/pregnancies because of poverty and the lack of economic opportunities. Because of traditional beliefs in the village, polygamy is widespread; women have no rights to own any property and are faced to male domination. Women in our community face a lot of discrimination from men, due to a financial dependence for their daily needs.

We work to improve the living conditions of women and girls in Cameroon. Through creating clubs in villages where girls and women can meet, the organization open up spaces for these groups to discuss, learn new skills and receive peer mentoring; while helping the women to achieve their socio economic empowerment and gender equality. Our approach in working towards gender equality is unique because we encourage women and girls to come together in the clubs. The gap between the older and younger generation of women in villages of North West Cameroon, which are generally marginalized communities (indigenous groups, difficult access due to an extremely poor network of roads) is gradually increasing with modernity and new styles of life that appear in our traditional communities. It affects the fight for women’s access to their full range of human rights. These clubs help bridge an existing inter-generational gap and women/girls have a stronger and bigger voice in their communities when they come together.

We aim to empower women and young girls to challenge unjust policies affecting their lives and improve their skills through trainings on women’s rights, gender based violence, and livelihood support activities for income generation. Our projects have a strong focus on accelerating women’ learning outcomes so that marginalized women who have been left behind can catch up and acquire relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for life and work. We have 06 clubs we regularly work with and have successfully reached out to over 650 women and girls, 90 % of them in rural remote communities of North West Cameroon.

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